I'm Tim, an analytics professional based at Aimpoint Digital and . I'm also a dad, , podcaster, Youtube creator, F1 fan, 10 time marathon finisher

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My first version of Tableau was version 7 back in January 2014 when I joined The Information Lab. Since then, I've consulted for just over 40 clients with nearly half of my time spent serving the consumer goods industry, a quarter spent in the finance sector, and a healthy spread across other sectors including, charity, healthcare, digital, entertainment and higher education to name a few. My data prep tool of choice has been Alteryx since 2014 but recently, Tableau Prep has won my heart.

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  • Tableau Desktop Certified Trainer
  • Tableau Server Certified Professional
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner


I'm a visual learner and writing just isn't my bag, so at the end of 2019, I started a Tableau YouTube channel, a year later we reached 8000 subscribers with nearly 20,000 hours of content viewed on the channel. This site was redesigned to give this content the home it deserves. For 2021 we have grand plans to enhance what we do, but also teach Tableau in a way that hasn't been done before that goes well beyond just video but stays visual. Bold claim I know. Stay tuned to find out more later this year.


We all have thoughts we like to share from time to time. I found myself wanting to share the conversations and thoughts I had with my brother, and linked to analytics, thoughts and ramblings I shared with Ravi Mistry. I thought the best way to do that was to start a podcast so I have two, A Decade Apart & Datum Podcast. Check them out!