Dreamforce reaction

In this video, watch and share my reaction to Tableau's Dream force presentation titled "Tableau: Unleash the Power of Your Data". As Tableau starts to integrate itself into the Salesforce community and world, expect to see more content about Salesforce don't he channel and I thought this would be a great way to kick of that journey by seeing how Tableau presents itself to a Salesforce audience.

0:00 Intro
00:57 Salesforce + & Dreamforce
06:39 Mark pitches 3 core elements
16:41 Francois on Data culture
23:03 Tableau acquisition of Lintao SA
25:36 Rob Birse from Kellogs with a use case
34:20 Avni Wadhwa speaks on leveraging AI
36:33 Phil Cooper walks through a demo
38:48 Einstein, Tableau extension gallery & Slack  with Ask Data and Explain data
46:51 Ask Data in Einstein & Business Science demo
50:09 Aleene Webber on Slack-first analytics
53:40 Lav Mic pro tips
54:54 David walks through Sales use case with Einstein discovery & Slack
01:01:36 Aleene Webber on the Tableau community
01:03:59 Mark Nelson's closing remarks
01:05:20 The Tableau Blueprint

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