End-of-Maintenance Accelerated for Tableau Versions 2019.3.x - 2020.3.x

Tableau has had to push forward the end of maintenance for 4 versions of Tableau that used PostgreSQL Database (PGSQL 9.6) because Postgress will stop supporting this feature. Watch this video to find out more. Note from Tableau. "During a recent security review of our products, we identified that Tableau Server versions 2019.3.x - 2020.3.x embed a version of PostgreSQL Database (PGSQL 9.6) that will no longer be supported as of November 11, 2021. That means that any PostgreSQL security vulnerabilities discovered in that version after November 11, 2021, will no longer be fixed by the stewards of PostgreSQL. To address this issue, and meet our commitment to security for our customers, we are accelerating the End-of-Maintenance timeline for the five versions of the Tableau product that include this embedded component."

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