Key takeaways

20+ Windows Tableau Desktop shortcuts you should know.

In this video, I walk you through nearly 30 keyboard shortcuts that you should consider adding to your workflow. There's something for everyone from the ability to describe a worksheet all the way to nudging content around a dashboard. 0:00 Intro0:10 Mac version of this video Tableau documentation on Shortcuts Open a new workbook 1:36 Open a new worksheet2:15 Describe a worksheet 3:26 Navigate through tabs or views4:02 Switch to the data pane search field6:27 Refresh the data source6:53 Open up the new data connection pane7:17 Place selected field onto one of the panes, columns or rows.10:32 Switch columns and rows 11:15 Rotate column labels12:01 Clear the sheet.12:12 Nudge floated objects13:13 Nudge resize object on a floated dashboard13:39 Resize rows and columns in a tableView the full list here: on the @Tableau Software support website. -------Join my Discord Server. it's a little sparse at the moment but hang in there.

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