Key takeaways

How to connect Tableau to Google Analytics

In this video, I walk through how to connect to Google analytics, covering how to choose the correct account properties and segments, and then Validate the data is correct in desktop. I also show how to publish up the data source to Tableau Server or Tableau Online and set up a daily refresh on google analytics so the data stays fresh and colleagues can use it to augment their insights.Tableau Documentation: Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction0:56 Connect to Google analytics.1:40 The connection interface and selecting your Google analytics data.4:20 Choosing your dimensions and measures/metrics and dimensions from Google analytics.6:20 Check your data in Tableau9:20 Publish Google Analytics to Tableau Server as a data source and enable refreshes. 10:00 Schedule you refresh#tableau #google #googleanalytics #salesforce ----Join my Discord Server. it's a little sparse at the moment but hang in there.

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