Key takeaways

  • Automate Tableau Prep on your laptop.
  • Connect to a database in your automation.
  • Learn how to automate with Server or Online.
  • Automate publishing to server

How to run Tableau Prep flows in the command line 2020.3 & later

A video showing how you can automate Tableau Prep on your computer.

Tableau release notes:

"You can run your flow from the command line to refresh your flow output instead of running the flow from Tableau Prep Builder. You can run one flow at a time using this method. This option is available on both Windows and Mac machines where Tableau Prep Builder is installed."

In this video, I show you how to do this for three different scenarios.

Link to documentation referenced in this video:

  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:45 Three scenarios I'll cover.
  • 1:26 Setting up  connection, logins & pre-requisites.
  • 7:55 1-Running a simple flow, inputs and outputs locally.
  • 12:00 Watch me get stumped 🤔 .
  • 12:58 2-Simple flow but publishing to Tableau Server / online.
  • 16:57 3-Flow with database inputs and Server output.
  • 21:28 Command Options
  • 23:00 Running this on a Mac
  • 23:25 Outro

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