Key takeaways

  • Understand the 5 key factors to measure our progress towards normalcy.
  • Find out which specific data sources will tell this story.
  • Find out about the Tableau Covid 19 data Hub.

Picture this: A path to normalcy

A video I produced, narrated, edited and sketch-noted on behalf of Tableau to help paint the picture of what the path to normalcy looks like

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out around the world, the question on everybody’s mind is: When will things get back to normal? We spoke to Samuel V. Scarpino of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University to understand the five key variables that will impact how quickly we will get back to a state of “normalcy.”

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1:04 | Vaccine effectiveness

1:25 | Vaccine distribution

1:48 | Vaccine uptake

2:12 | Testing speed and availability

2:37 | Contact tracing

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