Key takeaways

  • Find out about the new features in 2020.4
  • An alternative format to my playlist
  • Timestamped on YouTube with links below.

Tableau 2020.4 new feature Livestream

Join me for this live stream to find out how Tableau's 2020.4 features work and how they might impact your decision to upgrade.

Tim will explore all the new features in the 2020.4 release of Tableau across Server, Online, Desktop, Prep and web authoring.


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0:00 Start, Intros and future events.

5:25 Overview of 2020.4

8:18 Prep in Browser

25:25 Spatial support in Prep

35:34 Multiple Map Layers

48:40 Question: Data Management Add-on Price

50:51 Redshift Spatial Support

51:28 Offline maps for Tableau server in web authoring

52:29 Resource monitoring tool for Tableau. Server on Linux

54:18 Web authoring enhancements.

1:04:46 Predictive modelling Functions and Date axis range extension

1:27:30 Custom View admin tab

1:31:20 Block Comments

1:34:00 New data connectors. Salesforce, Connector Gallery and Datorama connector

1:37:46  Dynamic Parameter improvements

1:42:00 Ask data improvements

1:46:29 Tableau Collections early preview

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