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Tableau Conference 2020 Guide (aka Tableau Conferenceish)

It's #data20 ( Tableau Conference 2020 ) this week so I put together a guide walking you through the virtual experience this year. Be sure to check the timestamps below to jump to the section you want to watch and share the video with anyone new to the conference this year. Don't forget it's free so if you haven't registered watch the first few minutes to see how to do that. 00:00 Intro 00:51 Getting to the Conference website 01:10 Grab a Tableau login and register for the conference it's free.02:10 Broadcast Channels and Building your schedule.08:20 Using the episode guide to choose content from other regions and themes 09:05 Connect page09:30 Brain dates 13:17 Tableau Partners 14:03 Tableau Doctor sessions15:15 Tableau community pages and swag 16:23 Tableau Public Viz Gallery20:01 The FAQJoin my Discord Server. it's a little sparse at the moment but hang in there.

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