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Tableau Layout Containers Explained in Under 10 mins : 2020 Updated

Chapter Markers------------------------------Intro 0:00Start 1:20Types of Layout containers 1:38Adding containers to the dashboard 2:20Tiled Containers & using the Item hierarchy and 3:00Floating Containers 4:35Layout container behaviour 5:40Container Formatting and working with containers 6:03Links:------------Tableau Dashboard improvements since version 9. Blog : Description--------------------In this video, I do a long-overdue update to my video in 2014 on layout containers in Tableau Desktop. I cover the basics, how to avoid getting confused and making sure they behave the way you expect as well as explaining the difference between tiled and floating layouts and how to switch between the two. -----Join my Discord Server. it's a little sparse at the moment but hang in there.

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