Key takeaways

  • Find out what Tableau prep does in under 10 minutes.
  • Find out about great resources fo getting started.
  • Understand the newest product in Tableau's product lineup.

Tableau Prep Explained in under 10 mins!

In this video, I explain what Tableau Prep is and how everyday business users might use it to help solve everyday data prep and cleansing challenges in their analytical workflow. Demo sections were recorded in Tableau prep Builder 2020.3.2.

Some sample footage was taken from Tableau's Marketing kit.

Tableau Prep up & Running.

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  • 0:00 intro
  • 0:16 Tableau Platform Explainer
  • 1:06 What is data prep?
  • 2:26 What other tools do data prep?
  • 2:49 Difference between Tableau Prep and other tools
  • 4:57 A simple data problem in Tableau Prep.
  • 6:56 Other notable Prep features.
  • 8:39 Getting started with Tableau Prep.

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