What's new in Tableau 2023.3

The final release in 2023 and the last release in the new tri-annual release cadence.


Tableau 2023.3 Coming Soon!

A video going through Tableau's Coming soon page for the 2023.3 Release.

00:00 Intro
01:39 Dynamic Axis Ranges
02:14 How Should Features be released
03:37 Custom Data Labels
04:25 Native Lightning web component
05:23 On-demand Access - Embedding
07:02 Embedding API NPM Library
09:10 Stratified Sampling in Tableau Prep
10:44 Fill down and running calculations in Tableau Prep
11:24 Set header and data start row for CSV or Text files in Tableau Prep
12:04 Write data sets to Data Cloud in Tableau Prep
13:10 Virtual connections support all connectors in Tableau
13:46 Containerized Tableau bridge for Linux
15:53 Bridge Support for embedded data sources
17:27 Activity Log Enhancements
18:08 Admin Insights Tokens Data Source
18:47 Suspend Inactive data sources extract refreshes
19:35 Auto save enhancements
21:49 Editable Viz alt-text in desktop
22:01 Command Cancellation
22:26 Accelerators in Desktop Start Pane
22:59 Table fonts for Web authoring
23:14 REHL 9 support for Tableau Server
23:30 Dynamic Parameters in Table Extensions
24:47 My thoughts on the release.

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Tableau 2023.3 Coming Soon!
Tableau 2023.3 Coming Soon!